As rotational and overhead throwing sports, baseball and softball require a unique style of training. Power and strength must be developed in the proper ways to transfer to the sport and also prevent injury. This is where AG Performance separates itself from many other training facilities. 

With a wide range of weight training equipment, indoor and outdoor turf, a medicine ball wall, and access to pitching mounds and batting cages, AG Performance is the ideal training facility for baseball and softball players to:

  • Enhance bat speed
  • Improve sprinting speed
  • Increase pitching velocity
  • Prevent shoulder and elbow injury

As a strength coach with a background as a DI baseball player, I fully understand the unique demands of the sport of baseball. Along with information gathered during the initial assessment, training programs are designed according to each player's age, position, and volume of play during the season. All athletes, regardless of position, receive arm care exercises to help prevent nagging and serious injury to the shoulder and elbow.

baseball/softball performance