You want to improve your 5k time.

You want to lose 20 pounds.

You want to learn how to deadlift.

You just want to look good naked.

Everyone has a different "want" when it comes to fitness, but not everyone knows how to get what they want. No matter what fitness level you currently have, I will work with you to set goals and provide you with safe and effective training to help you reach them.

​Semi-Private Training Environment
Semi-private personal training gives you a training program built for you and your goals and hands on coaching without having to pay the personal trainer price. With only six openings every half hour, you get the attention you need and the autonomy to succeed. 

Weight Management
Whether you want to lose or gain (yes, some people want this) weight, it all comes down to the right training program in conjunction with proper nutrition. One without the other can make reaching your goals very difficult. 

Move and Feel Better
Whatever your job is, there are going to be movement patterns that can lead to everything from lower back to shoulder pain. Corrective exercises can go a long way in improving how you feel during the daily grind.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet
It’s tough to eat right in today’s busy, fast paced, fast food world. I can teach you how to improve your diet day in and day out.

Programmed to Fit Your Lifestyle
We all have jobs, families and many other obligations that come before exercise. Your training program will be designed to fit into your daily/weekly time frames.

Semi-Private Personal Training