Sports performance

AG Performance offers a comprehensive approach to building a solid base of athleticism. From learning the basic techniques to developing maximal strength and power to increasing mobility and stability, our goal is to help each athlete reach his or her highest level of play and prevent sport-related injuries.

Everything from tried-and-true methods to the latest in training modalities are utilized in each athlete's personalized training program. Depending on the athlete's age, level of training and sport, each program is designed to enhance the following key aspects of athleticism:

  • SPEED: first step quickness, acceleration, deceleration, running form
  • STRENGTH: technique instruction, sport-specific lifts, core
  • POWER: jumping, medicine ball work, plyometrics
  • CONDITIONING: overall health and sport-specific metabolic training
  • MOBILITY: mobility drills, muscle activation, foam rolling
  • INJURY PREVENTION: assessment for muscle imbalances, stability exercises

All athletes also receive nutritional guidance to enhance game performance and for an overall healthy lifestyle.