"I’ve trained at other facilities, but AGP offered a much more one-on-one experience that focused on what I needed to reach the next level as an athlete. And, being a baseball player, the location allows you to weight train and work on baseball skills in one space. I believe Andy can help any athlete get bigger, faster and excel at their sport. Thanks for everything!"

-- Grant Keller, OF Midlothian High School, Longwood University

"We started training with AG Performance back in July 2015 with one purpose in mind – to prepare ourselves for Retirement! We are both in our mid-60’s and thought this would be a great idea so we will be able to climb those mountains or walk those long beaches. Boy, were we surprised when we first started how unbalanced and uncoordinated we were. Andy performed a thorough examination of our physical state before talking with us about an exercise program. Andy started us on training sessions for 2x a week sessions. Now it amazes us how we can put a pair of pants/shorts on without holding onto the wall or sitting on a bed. With Andy’s training, we now have built up our strength & agility.

Andy varies our training program every month offering different exercises using different exercise devices. He is very hands-on in his training approach making sure you understand the goal of each exercise and the proper way to perform each exercise. He combines strength, cardio, and flexibility training into your program. He is not afraid to challenge you and is the first to provide praise for a workout well done. Andy is engaged with everyone he is training to make sure you are getting the most out of ever training session.

Andy has also pointed us in the right direction as to the best nutrition plan we should be following. Without Andy’s push, we both would be spending our retirement in front of TVs or computers. We highly recommend AG Performance."

-- Nancy & Tom Anderson

"AG Performance has allowed me to get stronger and improve my performance on the field.  I'm a pitcher who was looking to gain some muscle mass as well as increase the velocity on my fastball. Since working out at AG Performance, I've gained 10 pounds of muscle, and already at the start of my season I can seen improvement in my velo.  Andy knows his stuff and will give you the workout you need to make you a better player as long as you put the effort in on your side. He's been a huge help in my development of getting stronger, and I can honestly say that he is the best at what he does."

--Eli Ottinger, P Benedictine High School

"AG Performance is by far the best training program around. Through Andy’s knowledge of PROPER strength training and nutrition, we have seen a significant increased our son’s strength and speed. Andy put together a plan that was perfect for him and every workout motivated him to push harder and be better. That training, along with a lot of determination, made him rise to the challenge of our son’s desire to becoming a stronger more agile baseball player. The confidence that AG Performance has built in our son is priceless. As a parent, it is truly a relief to know you can leave your son or daughter in the hands of someone that only has the desire for kids to be trained properly. Thank you for all you have done and we look forward to many more days of training!"

-- Maury Garrett

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"I just wanted to take a second and thank you for your efforts with my son, Adam. Since starting your program on November 1, 2013, Adam has lost 17 lbs. and his strength has improved tremendously. Before starting your program, one pull up was about it. Now he can do 6. His physical appearance has also changed as now he is down 2 whole pants sizes and one shirt size.

Along with the loss of weight and the gain of muscle tone, Adam's baseball skills have improved dramatically, and he made his High School team.

I can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance both through the physical training and the nutritional help as well. Adam now more than ever realizes that decisions in his diet have consequences on his body and ultimately on the field of play."

- Mike Conway


"AG Performance has been a great asset to our teams at RBA South. We have seen many of our players improve their speed and overall athleticism on the field this season because of their work with Andy during our winter camps. Andy's background as a DI baseball player adds a unique and unparalleled insight to the specific needs that RBA seeks in a training program/instructor. We are very fortunate to have AG Performance involved with what we are trying to deliver to the motivated player who wants the best programs available"

-- Rich Graham, Owner/Director RBA South

"Andy Givens Performance, to me, was a game changer. Andy helped me get that much closer to where I want to be in the future. Over the first few months I worked out with Andy, I saw drastic changes in my game and in my health. The most important thing that I have gained from working out with Andy is a new sense of determination. He has improved my game so much that I am motivated to become even better."

-- Corey Johnston, 3B/P Thomas Dale High School, 3B VMI Keydets